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  • Top tips for prolonging newness!

    Treating yourself to a new car is something of a lavish experience, and pulling up in your new machine is something that gives every driver a kick! Part of that new car experience is, of course, that the car is looking its absolute best - waxed, polished, and noticeably new! Keeping your car looking tip-top doesn’t have to be a chore though, and with our simple tips for home valeting you’ll be able to maintain your vehicle’s premium status at all times.

    Don’t ignore the details

    When giving your car a bit of a spruce, make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies for a true, after-wash gleam. Areas like mirrors, door handles, hubcaps, and tyres are often missed and can make a job look half-done. Regular cleaning will mean these jobs are easy and the results are very effective.

    Spot clean

    If you spilled wine over your new carpet, would you leave it for a day before you cleaned up? No way! So why should your new car be any different? Whether it’s coffee on the upholstery or bird poo on the paintwork, clean it immediately so it doesn’t do any lasting damage.

    Watch where you park

    It sounds simple, but parking somewhere sensible can save you plenty of cleaning time in the future! Avoid puddles, dusty locations, and parking under trees. For extra points, invest in a car cover.

    Make some rules

    Your new car is a place of zen, and the last thing you need is people coming in and upsetting the peace! Try and put a food and drink ban in place to avoid the nastiest of stains working their way into your upholstery, and to prevent hours of hoovering up crumbs later down the line.

    If you’re thinking of upgrading, then why not contact us today for a valuation? We’re experts when it comes to matching drivers with their new motors.