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  • Top tips for buying a 4x4

    4x4 scenic photo

    You've decided to buy a 4x4 car. Before you rush ahead, take some time to think about your potential purchase, to ensure you get the best vehicle for your money.

    Firstly, decide how you intend to use your four-wheel drive vehicle. If you need to do lots of towing or you live in the countryside, you'll probably get plenty of use out of a 4x4. On the other hand, if you can't imagine doing that much off-roading, but like the idea of owning this style of vehicle, you may want to consider a crossover 4x2 model that still offers you front-wheel drive capability.

    A four-wheel drive vehicle comes with a high price tag when you buy new, so if you are confined to a budget, consider opting for a second-hand model. Speak to a reputable dealer who is experienced in selling this type of vehicle. Look for a model that has been fully inspected and serviced, and with a generous warranty. Check the number of miles on the clock - aim for a vehicle with less than 100,000.

    The odd small scratch is probably not anything to get too concerned about when buying an off-road vehicle, but when looking at 4x4s, if any doors don't align when closed or the vehicle appears to have been repainted, be wary. These could be signs that it was involved in a previous collision.

    Make sure to test the 4x4 vehicle so you get a feel for it. See how it runs off-road and on tarmac. A 4x4 is a powerful machine with lots of functions, and surprisingly, many drivers do not make the most of its capabilities. If you do decide to buy a 4x4, consider going on a driving course or get expert tuition to appreciate how to use it effectively.