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  • Have it all with the Rolls Royce Ghost V12

    Specialist Car Dealer of the Year

    Beauty, speed and grace: the three hallmarks of any sports car looking to break free of the mould. The modern day luxury vehicle must combine elegance and class with a sense of raw power and aggression, in a blend which does not speak any louder than the quiet murmurings of a purring V12. Step forward, Rolls Royce.

    Here at Quirks Car Company, we feel we've brought you the very best that Britain has to offer. Our Rolls Royce Ghost, currently for sale in our Essex showroom, is the very definition of bespoke. With 20,000 miles on the clock, this model is in the best possible shape to cater for every demand.

    Rolls Royce define sophistication: their fleet has re-engineered our idea of beauty. Powered by a twelve cylinder, 6.6 litre engine and an automatic transmission gearbox, this model's performance is second to none. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is just another generic sports car though. Finished in silver with a light ivory leather interior, style is just another facet of this vehicle's rich personality. This model comes with many of the Ghost's featured options - an electric glass panoramic roof, rear-fitted entertainment system with dual screens and executive stitched rear seating. This four door saloon is our answer to the perfect mode of travel.

    Quirks Car Company are proud winners of the '2015 Specialist Car Dealer of the Year', and we are committed to providing the very highest level of service. Our Rolls Royce warranty is extended until June and we will provide your next service with Rolls Royce free of charge.

    Our Rolls Royce Ghost combines proven engineering, commitment to the highest levels of luxury and style and a dealership with a track record of satisfied customers.