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  • Rise of the Land Rover

    Range Rover picture

    Back in 1948, the Land Rover brand was introduced by the Rover group. Remember them? It took them 30 years to let Land Rover stand on their own two feet as an independent company, and Land Rover haven’t looked back since.

    These days, Land Rover is a prestige brand which doesn’t need anyone to share a showroom with it. Loved by celebs and the general public alike, and featuring in more glossy magazines than a top supermodel, it’s an object of desire for millions.

    Let’s be honest about the evolution of Land Rover, too – while the offroading 4X4 capabilities of a Land Rover are really useful, they are not the only thing that a Land Rover does well. No longer are they the domain solely of farmers and outdoorsy types. Modern Land Rovers have a generous specification and selection of features and gadgets which would keep the most enthusiastic gadget fan busy for hours. A full leather interior, panoramic roof, keyless entry, and full entertainment systems are just some of the features which make this a vehicle of choice.

    That’s just the start, too. If you prefer the sportier look, you can make your Land Rover look the part with body kits, large alloy wheels, and an Si4 engine which can do 0 - 60 mph in seven seconds. If the practical features are what appeal to you, the Discovery can carry seven people, has sensors which give you the best drive whether you’re on snow or sand, and can tackle water up to a depth of 70 cm.

    Land Rover have also been very clever about their publicity, too. Victoria Beckham has been hired twice to help design the interior of a limited edition Evoque, giving her versions rose gold highlights, gloss black alloy wheels, and mohair floor mats. The Royal family are also big fans of Land Rover, with the Queen regularly spotted in hers on her Sandringham estate, and Prince William photographed putting his children’s car seats into the back of his Range Rover with ease, proving it to be a fabulous family car. Looking for more modern pop culture? The Land Rover Sport is proudly owned by rapper 50 Cent, and entertainers Rod Stewart and Kelly Brook.

    Thankfully, they’re not just for the millionaires of this world. A used Land Rover can be a brilliant investment that will give you many years of motoring pleasure, and can be found for sale at affordable prices from reputable dealers like Quirks Car Company.