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  • Head-turning elegance and Range Rover cool

    Range Rover Sport SDV6

    Sleeker than a standard Range Rover and considered by many to be the best SUV on sale, the Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE is both utterly gorgeous and utterly capable.

    Plenty has been written about the standard HSE, and it has garnered awards including the prestigious What Car? 2015 award for best SUV of the year.

    The 288 bhp diesel V6 engine gives a sprightly performance, while the chassis and set-up will have you smiling whether you are cruising on a motorway or plodding up a muddy track. But, for some buyers, this fantastic car is only a starting point for the creation of something far more eye-catching and unique. The modification specialists at Revere can take a Sport HSE to a whole new level.

    Externally, the Revere body kit blends in beautifully with the Sport's handsome lines. The Revere logo sits on the nose, black-on-black, in that 'subtle but not subtle' look that is the hallmark of this company. Revere's own 22-inch alloys, in black of course, complete a stunning look from the side, while, at the back end, custom exhausts and badging mark this machine out as being something special.

    Inside, the craftsmanship is wonderful. Black leather, finished with diamond stitching, sets the tone, with seats matching the panels and arm rests. Aside from an aluminium transmission control panel, much of the rest of the interior is in a piano-black finish, and it looks stunning. There is also privacy glass and all the other little luxuries you'd expect, such as touch-screen satnav and hardback sports seats.

    Out on the road, this vehicle has peerless handling and is a joy to drive, in pretty much all the conditions you could expect to encounter as a British motorist. At its heart, it is a Range Rover and it will tackle mud and slippery surfaces with gusto – for serious off-roading, pop some chunkier tyres on and be careful not to scratch that gorgeous paintwork.

    But what really sets it apart is the glorious custom work by Revere – expect to turn heads if you buy this, because it stands out not just from other Range Rovers, but from just about every other car out there too.

    View a perfect example of a Range Rover Sport in our Showroom.