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Smart Protect

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The SMART Protect policy provides Small Motor Accident Repair Technology that will keep your vehicle in showroom condition, without compromising your no claims bonus. This concept will ensure your vehicle remains in perfect condition free from chips, scuffs, minor dents and light scratches. With a SMART Protect policy, your vehicle is covered for damage casued by everyday motoring.

Significant Benefits

Chips, dents, scuffs and light scratches are covered with SMART Protect. Making a claim does not affect no claims bonuses. One call is all it takes to summon an expert repair technician. No website, no forms to complete and no complications. Repairs carried out at your customer's home or at work, at their convenience. Dealer self-repair option. Should your customer come to sell, retail value is optimised. Our SMART repair service is manufacturer approved and sets the industry standard.

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